Bouwman, H.; Carlsson, C.; Walden, P.; Molina-Castillo, Francisco-Jose
Info (2008), Volume 10, Issue 2, Pages 75-93
Publication year: 2008


The purpose of this paper is to discuss the development in the Finnish telecommunication market and trends in actual and future user behavior with regard to three groups of mobile services. It is the authors’ view that service characteristics cannot be ignored.

The research is based on data collected over a period of three years using independent samples. To test the core of our conceptual model the study used structural equation modeling.

The analysis based on the data collected over three years shows that we cannot understand the actual and future use unless we take the subtleties and usability of services, i.e. the specific characteristics, and user values of the services involved, into account. The research clearly indicates that complementary services are dependent on positive attitudes towards mobile innovations and on perceived flexibility. Service composition is of critical importance to the success of 3G and beyond.

This paper is unique due to the fact that longitudinal data are presented concerning one of the most successful countries in Europe in terms of the adoption and use of advanced mobile services.