Trigo, A.; Varajao, J.; Soto-Acosta, P.; Barroso, J.; Molina-Castillo, Francisco-Jose; Gonzalvez-Gallego, Nicolas
International Journal of Human Capital and Information Technology Professionals (2010), Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 61.75
Publication year: 2010


Nowadays, Universities and other Training Institutions need to clearly identify the Information Technology (IT) skills that companies demand from IT practitioners. This is essential not only for offering appropriate and reliable university degrees, but also to help future IT professionals on where to focus in order to achieve better job positions. In an attempt to address this issue, this study rely on 102 Chief Information Officers, from Iberian large companies, to characterize current IT professionals and what is expected from future hirings. Results revealed that IT Technicians and Senior Analysts are the predominant positions and also that future hiring will request candidates with at least two to five years of work experience. The two most important skills found were core functions at the IT department: business knowledge and user support. In contrast, traditional competences such as web development and management of emerging technologies were less demanded.