Bouwman, H.; Carlsson, C.; Molina-Castillo, Francisco-Jose; Giaglis, G.
International Journal of Mobile Communications (2010). Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages 430-450
Publication year: 2010


We study the extent to which regulatory and market-related conditions in Finland, Greece and the Netherlands explain the uptake of advanced mobile data services in these countries. By comparing data from a common survey, models are tested through structural equation modelling. We find significant differences and communalities in the factors affecting the present and future use of mobile services in the three countries, related to personal attitudes towards mobile innovation. We conclude that expectations for the future uptake of mobile data services may be formulated not only through a number of common factors (mobile entertainment services, for example, are influenced by entertainment value in all countries), but also by situation-specific ones (for example, mobile information services are influenced by perceived flexibility in Finland and Greece, and by perceived status enhancement in the Netherlands). Such findings have practical consequences for the design and marketing of mobile services in different markets