Trigo, A.; Varajao, J.; Soto-Acosta, P.; Molina-Castillo, Francisco-Jose; Gonzalvez-Gallego, Nicolas
Enterprise Information Systems Adoption in Iberian Large Companies: Motivations and Trends (2011)
Publication year: 2011


Information Systems (IS) and Technologies assume a wide variety of roles within companies, ranging from operational to strategic support of the company. This fact puts pressure on managers, who are required to manage these investments properly. This chapter presents a study conducted with several Chief Information Officers from large Iberian companies with the purpose of identifying and characterizing the roles played by IS and the motivations currently behind their adoption. The findings of this study reveal the reasons why IS and technologies are being adopted by Iberian companies are evolving and that, while the adoption of certain types of systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning systems is now consolidated, the adoption of other systems like Business Intelligence is expected to increase significantly in the near future.