Bouwman, H.; Carlsson, C.; Molina-Castillo, Francisco-Jose; Walden, P.
Telematics and Informatics (2007), Volume 24, Issue 2, Pages 145-160
Publication year: 2007


Finland has long been seen as the most successful country in Europe in terms of the adoption and use of advanced mobile services. In this paper we discuss the importance of understanding the role of (physical, cognitive, security and economic) barriers and benefits (perceived entertainment value and perceived flexibility) of mobile services as well as the role that functional differences of mobile service bundles play in the process of actual and future use of these bundles. Based on a survey we test six models for mobile travel service bundle, GPRS bundle, mobile surveillance bundle, traditional and more advanced entertainment bundles and m-commerce service bundles. Our analysis shows that understanding the actual and future use is only possible when the subtleties of the specific bundles, i.e. the characteristics of the involved services, are taken into account. Differences in technology or service attributes based on technology cannot be treated as neutral.