Teaching at various levels has always been a source of deep personal satisfaction to me. My mission is to motivate students about the topics and create a positive and stimulating learning environment, where interaction is encouraged. My key role is the enhancement of self-confidence of students to think independently and critically. I am a dedicated educator and trainer. I teach a wide range of audiences, varying from first-years to MBA students. My students enjoy learning the foundations of Marketing, the strategic issues of new product development, the details of electronic marketing and the challenges in mobile marketing. Here you can find a list of the different courses I have been involved in both graduate and postgraduate levels.

Graduate Level

  • Present2001

    Principles of Marketing

  • 20092005

    Advanced Marketing Tools

  • Present2005

    Innovation and New Product Development

  • 20102005

    Marketing Strategy

  • 20092003

    Electronic Marketing and Mobile Apps

Post-Graduate Level

  • 20112009

    New Technologies and Entrepreneurship

  • 20112009

    Advanced Marketing tools and Entrepreneurship

  • 20122009

    Innovation and New Product Development

  • Present2009

    Advanced Data Analysis